Company timeline 

  • 1979 – First ATW system sold, under the electrical contracting company Rafboði
  • 1981 – First ATW installed in vessel Ottó N. Þorláksson in Reykjavík, Iceland
  • 1993 – Naust Marine established as a separate company to focus on the ATW
  • 1995 – First system sale to a company outside Iceland
  • 1998 – First ATW to a Moonzund type trawler. Naust Marine would go on to supply the ATW to over 20 identical trawlers
  • 2006 – First US trawler receives winches and ATW controls from Naust Marine. F/V Bristol Explorer
  • 2009 – Naust Marine moves to a new and modern site in Miðhella 4, Hafnafjörður, Iceland
  • 2010 – Winch system sold to a company in South America, vessel Echizen Maru in Argentina
  • 2011 – Naust Marine USA established in Seattle, WA as a local sales and service office for the Pacific fleet
  • 2012 – Naust Marine sells and delivers complete winch system on board Japanese trawler
  • 2016 – First ATW delivery to Pulkovskiy Meridian (BATM) type trawler. In total there were over 140 vessels built of that same type
  • 2016 – Naust Marine Serbia established as a manufacturer and designer of winches
  • 2016 – First Naust Marine trawl winches delivered to American Seafoods in Seattle, USA