Marine solutions

Naust Marine is a world leading manufacturer of control equipment for electrical winches. The company's product "ATW" is the result of development work performed by Naust Marine´s staff, in close cooperation with Icelandic fishermen, for two decades.

No other company in the world can proud itself of such prestigious reference list of ships, with control system for electrical winches, as Naust Marine can. These satisfied customers make the strongest sales argument for the ATW system. A reference list can be found on the front page and by clicking the button “ATW family” to the left on this page.

Another system Naust Marine has developed is meant to synchronize and control power management of generators. This product, called AutoGen, has been installed in many ships around the world to maximize the efficiency of generators. The systen also aims to get the most out of the generators when maximum electric power is needed. To learn more about the Autogen system, please click the button “AutoGen”.

In addition to that Naust Marine has designed automatic surveillance systems for engine rooms and accessible cabinets for switch boards.

Naust Marine provides consulting services regarding electrical systems in ships and the design of electrical systems in ships. The company can also provide generators and electrical motors.