OPTIGEAR is a development project with the goal to increase efficiencies in trawling fisheries. The system will aim to improve accessibility to process information regarding real time status and diagnostics of historical data from trawl winch gear, outer conditions (e.g. weather) and ship maneuvering.

The project is based on designing and building equipment that gathers real-time process information and logs it into a centralized database. Data is collected from the trawl winch system and catch sensors for behavior of trawl gear in the ocean, where it is then compared with daily catch reports, environmental sensors and fuel meters. By analyzing and reporting this data, there is a clear benefit to accurately diagnose operational efficiency. An example is comparing different kinds of fishing gear and seeing clearly how it performs in relation to all relevant factors.


Naust Marine and Trackwell are joining forces for this project, in cooperation with the Icelandic Marine Institute (Hafro), Lodnuvinnslan (LVF) and the University of Iceland. The project is supported by the Icelandic Centre for Research.