ATW Smart Trawling

ATW SMART TRAWLING is a new generation add on to our ATW Trawl Winch system.

It is included in the new ATW systems but can also be added to older systems.  The system is designed for all trawlers, regardless of whether they have electrical or hydraulic trawl winches.


With ATW SMART TRAWLING, the positioning and opening of the trawl can be kept quite accurate using the signals from the trawl sensor (compatible with various brands i.e. Marport, Simrad and Scanmar). The system controls the torque and speed of the winches and pays out or hauls in wire as appropriate. The trawl is thus always kept in the best possible location with the maximum catching efficiency depending on numerous factors. The system utilizes fishing gear sensors and motion sensor on board to control the location of the trawl along with data collection in a database for later processing and analyses.

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